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Pray for the Wrights

Mount Zion Community Church is featuring the Wright family to Greenland for this week's Missionary Update. Here's how you can pray for them right now!

- Pray for their language learning. Language acquisition for any missionary takes time. The Wrights need our prayers for God to open their minds and tongues to grasp the native language of their area. Although they are making progress, we as their prayer support want to be sure that the word of God as "free course."

- Pray for their relationships. The Lord of the harvest and the servants of the harvest must work in tangent. You can help guide the Wrights in their Gospel efforts by asking God to give them favor with the people, help them meet their perceived needs, and open doors to share the Gospel.

- Pray for their children. Raising a family on a foreign field comes with its own set of challenges. Ask God right now to bless the Wrights with wisdom in shepherding the hearts of their children.

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