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Always Possible

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

"My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into diverse temptations"  James 1:2

Flat tires, financial struggles, relationship conflicts, and tragic losses make up only some of life's many pitfalls. Temptations are a reality. When Christ taught His disciples, He warned them continuously that their experience living for God would come at a great cost. Yet with this in mind, James gives us this Scriptural command to consider the struggles as a joy!

Commands imply that we have a choice. Commands also imply that our choices will have consequences. God rewards blessings to His obedient children. Conversely, He delivers chastening to rebellion. Regardless of natural thought, the best attitude one can have in the midst of trials is to consider it all joy. This will protect the relationship one has with his God while allowing him to remain in a position of spiritual blessing.

Commands also imply ability. Christians have the ability to do something that those without Christ cannot - receive our troubles as joyous. A lost man cannot claim the promise of Romans 8:28, knowing that God works all things together for the good of those that are called by His name and give Him their love. Because joy is commanded, joy is possible. Your heart may say, "I'm ready to quit." God says, "I'm ready to help."

Commands imply purpose. God has a purpose for every command, all of them tracing to His ultimate glory. When you choose to obey God's command, you thereby give God glory. God, in a sense, becomes visible when His children choose to wear the Spiritual glow of joy in response to troublesome times. When Satan and his tactics are met with a Christian's joy, the world witnesses a powerful message. You become a testimony to sinners that God satisfies deeper than one's situation. God satisfies the heart.

You are pretty much guaranteed that life will be a struggle. You are also guaranteed that when struggles come, you can still have joy. This is a Christian virtue, blossoming from a trust in God. All pain comes to an end. Your reward for obedience lasts forever. So my brethren, count it all joy!

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