An Independent Baptist Church

Mt. Zion Community Church


    4             Afternoon Service - 1:00pm  *** (replacing the evening service)

                   Evangelist Dan Brubaker preaching both Morning & Afternoon Services

   11            Josh Alls preaching AM & PM

   18            Afternoon Service - 1:00pm  *** (replacing the evening service)


  4-7           Missions Conference  (Sunday 9:30am & 6:30pm;  Monday - Wed. 7:00pm)

                  Todd Uhl family to Nepal (Sun/Mon);  Gage  Gilbert family to Greenland (Tues/Wed)

   25           Palm Sunday service and Communion (9:30am)


    1            Easter  Woship service (9:30am)  and  

                  Special    Easter program (11:00am)

    7            Seedline Bible Assembly project  (sign up ahead of time)

 15-19        Revival meetings with   Evangelist Dan Brubaker  (Sunday- Thursday)

                  Music for the Revival meetings provided by Doyle & Donna Robertson

   20           Friday Teen Rally with Evangelist Dan Brubaker and area Fundamental Churches