Mt. Zion Community Church

An Independent Baptist Church


    6           Christian Garcia candidates for Assistant Pastor position

​                Afternoon Service (1:00pm) replacing the evening service

  12          Church workday - volunteers needed

  15          Ladies & Girls Banquet - 6:00pm

  20          Congregational meeting after Sunday School (for church members only)


   3            Sunday School promotion,  Afternoon service (replacing the evening service)

                 Sunday School picnic games

   9            Seedline Bible Assembly project - 8:30am

  15           Men & boys fellowship - 6:00pm

 18-22      Vacation Bible School - boys & girls ages 4-12

                10:00am-12:00pm   Free lunch provided to all attending children


  9-13       Junior Camp at Servant's Heart Camp

 16-21      Teen Camp at Servant's Heart Camp